5am sunshine & IKEA trips

Monday, July 04, 2016

Hey! I was up at the crack of dawn yesterday. Well, not quite, but almost. I fell asleep at around 8pm, waking up here and there all through the night, then woke up ridiculously bright-eyed at 5:30am. An ungodly hour indeed, but I thought I'd make the most of it by taking pictures of the sunlight coming through into my bedroom. My room is north-facing and the only time I get even a glimmer of sunlight is specifically in the summer at sunrise. I don't have black-out curtains or blinds either, so the sun just shines straight into my eyeballs the minute I wake up, which is both a blessing and a curse.

I took a long awaited trip to IKEA yesterday too, which resulted in me spending an absurd amount of money but I did get some gorgeous new things. I picked up a bedside table, rug, lamp, mirror, bookcase, desk chair, laundry basket, and pillow. Phew.

After roaming IKEA for about 2 hours, we had lunch at Pizza Express (the classic American is my favourite pizza of ALL TIME) and then had a quick wander around TK Maxx, where I picked up a bunch of Sukin skincare products to try. It was a long and beautifully sunny day, I spent lots of money, visited my brother (but really I just go round to see his dog 😋), then came home and helped my step-dad put some of my new furniture together. I conked out at around 7pm and decided to lay in bed for the remainder of the evening watching YouTube videos until I drifted off.

So yeah, my Sunday was kinda exciting! Hope you guys had a good weekend.

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