Slow shopping & brilliant blooms

Sunday, June 05, 2016
Hi! So it's been... a fair bit since my last blog post. I mentioned on Twitter that I was struggling for blog ideas as well as being busy at work, so unfortunately I had to neglect the blog for just a wee bit. I haven't actually been anywhere except work for a week so it's not as if I had anything interesting to blog about anyway!

My ma and I went shopping today. It was a nice relaxing shop since the shopping centre we went to was practically empty all day. That's Sunday for you.

I spent a pretty penny in Lush on a 250g bottle of Daddy-O shampoo as well as the H'Suan Wen Hua hair moisturiser. I'm on a mission to achieve shinier hair this summer (a hair cut and fresh dye would also help), and Lush was my first port of call. I'm obsessed with Daddy-O so that was a repurchase (don't think I've actually ever finished a shampoo all the way to the bottom before) and I love how it smells like Parma Violets. ❤️ Perfect for blondes and I love how clean it makes my hair feel.

I also picked up some jewellery from Topshop (they had BOGOF on all Freedom jewellery), a red and white striped t-shirt from Red Herring (MASSIVELY discounted), and an insect house from Matalan I just so happened to feature in this post last month!

When we got home, we were straight out in the garden - far too hot to be inside today. We ate a late lunch on the patio and admired the lovely flowers. Note: none of these photos have been edited, I purposely left them as they were to emphasise the colours!

Many of them have bloomed really nicely now. I think they were finding it difficult when the weather was a bit naff last week/earlier this week, but now they look very happy.

And here's the newest addition to the garden - an insect house! I've been on the hunt for this thing for ages and I finally found it. I was adamant not to order it online because I really don't have the patience for online shopping. The insect house will eventually be going up on the side of our garage where it will get lots of sunlight and hopefully lots of bee inhabitants.

I've had quite a tiring but very fun Sunday. Really love my days off sometimes. I'm starting to value them more the more I work. I've been looking forward to this day all week and it's been a very nice one indeed spent with my favourite people.

How was your weekend? Who else is super chuffed that it's finally sunny and warm? Thanks for eventually realising it's not the middle of winter, June. Better late than never I suppose. Oh, and this is actually my first post of the month!


  1. I totally understand your love for getting in the garden! It's so satisfying watching bees coming in to have a little buzz around the flowers you planted :)

    1. It is, I love knowing I've done something to help the bees :-)



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