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Wednesday, June 29, 2016
Soap has become one of those things that I never thought I'd like using because there are, let's be honest, more practical alternatives, but soap is just as lovely and lathery (totally a word) and feels great when used directly on your skin, since it can also double as a massage bar (like the ones you can buy from Lush).

I've recently started using a soap I bought from TKMaxx quite a long time ago that I used to have sitting on my shelf still in its packaging. It's lavender scented and I use it mainly with a nail scrubbing brush to get ground coffee out from under my fingernails (😷) but I also use it as a shower gel alternative. I love that soaps tend to linger longer on the skin, so I can smell the lavender for hours after, which I don't always get with shower gel, since they're sometimes not as moisturising and the scent is not as long-lasting.

I scoured the internet for some lovely natural soaps from all kinds of independent online stores and brands, and I've also included a couple of high street finds. I've included all the ethical information I could find about each shop/brand underneath the product.

Boricha by Binu Binu from Steven Alan - 100% natural, fragrance free, no palm oils, no artificial colourants, no parabens, no sulphates, no animal products, no synthetic detergents

Cocoa butter and vanilla from Coconut Blush - no artificial fragrance, no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulphates, no harsh chemicals

Rose geranium and patchouli from Nathalie Bond Organics - certified organic ingredients, irritant free, not tested on animals, majority of products vegan friendly

Kiwi and juniperberry oil from Lush - not tested on animals, 100% vegetarian, majority of products vegan friendly, ethically sourced fresh ingredients

Dead sea clay from RavensCtApothecary - majority of products vegan friendly, natural ingredients, no palm oil, uses botanical fragrances, 100% UK origin beeswax, not tested on animals

Pineapple and lime from Faith in Nature - 100% natural fragrance, no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulphates, no genetically modified ingredients, no synthetic colouring, no artificial preservatives, 100% vegetarian, majority of products vegan friendly, not tested on animals, no methylisothiazolinone

Black poppy and wild fig from The Soap Co. - sustainable palm oil, uses natural extracts, no parabens, not tested on animals, 100% recyclable packaging

Moringa from The Body Shop - not tested on animals, raw ingredients sourced from around the world, founding member of the Ethical Trading initiative

Lavender from SouthseaBathingHut - natural ingredients, vegan friendly, kind to all skin types, not tested on animals, no parabens, fragrance from essential oils

Carrot, honey and coconut from WestwoodNaturals - natural local ingredients, majority of products contain unrefined shea butter and organic castor oil, no palm oil, uses essential oils

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