Dog-sitting & returning to writing

Saturday, June 11, 2016


On Thursday, my ma and I were asked to dog-sit at my brother's house while his kitchen carpet was being cleaned. We were essentially there to keep the dog occupied outside (a.k.a. stop him from getting in the way) while the cleaner did his job. It was really hot and sunny on Thursday morning, and this afternoon I look out of my window and it's raining, muggy, dull, and foggy. That's basically summer over, then! 🌦

Once we'd finished our dog-sitting duties, we headed out somewhere really exciting... good ol' Asda! A tiny bit of sarcasm there, but I actually lowkey love Asda. Their homeware and bedding is lovely - I actually picked up a new white fitted sheet and set of Oxford pillow cases while I was there, as well as a couple of less noteworthy things such as a massive bag of Maltesers (all for myself, obvs) and the latest issue of HouseBeautiful.

That was my exciting Thursday.

Yesterday evening was an interesting one. I've been feeling super motivated to write recently and decided to finally open Microsoft Word and give it a go. I've been writing a fantasy story on/off for years now, but I went on an indefinite hiatus in December. I never really thought I'd want to return to it but last night I dived straight back in. I started from the very beginning, made a few little tweaks, and I managed to write a solid paragraph before bed. Since then I've written another paragraph, but nothing seems to live up to the first. Anyone else have this problem? Sometimes I'll turn out the most amazing paragraph or sentence ever, then everything else that follows is utter garbage compared. 😤 I'll keep pushing through.

I'm not sure what my plans are tomorrow but if the weather's still like this, it doesn't look like I'll be doing anything thrilling. Hope you all have a fun weekend despite the naff weather!!

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