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Thursday, June 23, 2016


My family and I went car-booting on Sunday. I got a book on cross stitch patterns which I'm aware makes me sound like a pensioner but it's such a good book, lots of pretty floral patterns to try. The weather was really nice and it was the first time in about a fortnight that I got to take my jacket off and enjoy bare arms 😵. You wouldn't think it was June. It pains me that July is almost here and we've hardly had any proper sunny hot days. Absolute nonsense. I think Britain has just decided to bypass summer altogether.

Sunday was actually such a nice day. We had dinner at my brother's house and I had a little glass of gin, lime, and lemonade - my favourite bevvy thanks to a friend who introduced me to it last year.

In other news, we've recently been letting my cat wander about outside for the first time. Today she was out for a good half hour. We initially wanted her to be an indoor cat because we've had a few cats in the past that have sadly lost their lives thanks to the busy road we live on and we didn't want to repeat history, but our current cat was so desperate to go out we decided to let her in the garden and see what she does. So far she doesn't seem interested in what's over the gate (the road), and instead likes to sit on the garden path and watch the birds. I'm perfectly OK with that, so long as there's one of us outside to keep an eye on her. I'm nervous to let her out, but she seems to love it.

I have another day off tomorrow and my mum and I may or may not be going to IKEA... pay day is also tomorrow which does not bode well for my debit card.

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