Birthday celebrations & beauty purchases

Wednesday, June 15, 2016 Sheffield, UK

Hi! My mum celebrated her birthday yesterday so I dragged her shopping because she'd received a couple of lovely gift cards and vouchers in her birthday cards, and apparently I'm quite good at influencing people to spend money. Not sure if it's a gift or a curse.

I took some pictures in White Stuff because their stores always make me happy, the colours really pack a punch and I just love the whole vibe.

I never knew that White Stuff sells books, bath products, make-up bags, candles, kitchenware, and cushions among lots of other cute homey things - everything was just so perfect. I want my future house to look like White Stuff.

My mum bought some bath bombs from Lush and I got the Rose Jam bubbleroon which I'd never seen before - I've had the Rose Jam shower gel that they release over Christmas, but I had no idea it came in bubbleroon form too. I shrieked when I spotted it. I can't even explain how much I love the smell, it is out of this world.

I also pulled my mum into Kiko because I had to show her all the nail polishes they do. She bought a gorgeous teal colour (34 Emerald) and the green candy sprinkles to go on top. I got a summery pink shade (25 Azalea), some wet and dry powder foundation, and a pencil lip gloss (10 Dark Rose).

We had a really good day, I'm so pleased with what I got and I'm so happy my mum had a nice day too. I handmade her a card and present this year which I'll make sure to photograph and feature on the blog next. I bought an embroidery hoop and did her a summer-themed embroidery with her name in the middle - it was my first proper attempt at freehand embroidery and I really enjoyed it! Can't wait to buy more hoops and practice with some different materials.

Now back to work - I've got a couple of long weeks ahead of me so forgive me if the blog goes a bit dormant.

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