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Friday, May 13, 2016
My ma and I went shopping yesterday, and probably the most amazing thing happened.

I went into Superdrug to pick up a Real Techniques blush brush and some Good Things bath soak. I go to the till, and surprise... I got my basket for free!

Superdrug are celebrating 5 years of their Health & Beauty card, and because I have one, I was entered into the chance of getting my shop for free, and I did! I was chuffed to bits. Make sure if you're a regular visitor to Superdrug to get a H&B card!!! They are so worth it, and no offence to Boots, but I like Superdrug's card better. Members get free delivery online, member only deals (like 10% off etc.), and generally save more money. I love it, it's my favourite card in my purse (besides my debit card, obvs).

When I got home, I started on a new cross stitch venture. I wanted to make a unicorn for my friend who is obsessed - she saw my other designs on Instagram and said I should have a go, so I found a simple unicorn pattern on Google and began. I finished it off with a couple of sparkles and voila!

I really love how this turned out! It's not a defined design which I like - I could have done an outline but I thought it would look better without one since the colours are soft and I thought black would make it look hard. I ordered a little frame for it off eBay too so I can't wait for that to arrive. I finished this in about three hours. I'm now working on something for my mum since she asked me ages ago to do something for her and I kept forgetting. Picked some nice pastels again since I seem to have an abundance of them in my tin.

Thursday turned out to be a pretty fun day. I bought the a cute backpack, got some free stuff, finished yet another cross stitch project, had a jacket potato for my tea (yas) and watched Brooklyn Nine Nine in bed.

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