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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Feels like I haven't made a life update post in ages (it was almost a fortnight ago?!). This week I've been at work every day since Tuesday and although I don't work long hours, I get home and my brain automatically goes into hibernation and my bed draws me in. I'm pleased though because I have today and tomorrow off, though I'm not sure what to do with my bank holiday. I thought about going shopping since I got paid on Friday (🎉) but I'm expecting Meadowhall to be a hell scape, so perhaps not...

I attended a work colleague's wedding reception on Friday which I really enjoyed, I got to dress up all nice for the first time in forever. I bought a new top from Peacocks to wear and I got to put my latest NYX purchases to the test. Really impressed with the staying power of their matte lip creams. I wore shade Stockholm on Friday and I even straightened my hair for the night which I rarely do anymore (because I'm hella lazy).

Apart from being a busy bee at work, I've not done much else in the last 12 days, unfortunately. Hope you all have a fun bank holiday weekend, I hope mine isn't a complete flop! Might just suck it up and go to Meadowhall anyway. I'm sure you'll be able to follow my hellish journey via Twitter.

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