Health and beauty haul & colourful cross stitch patterns

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
I may have gone on a teeny cosmetics splurge yesterday. I had the day to myself so I went to Meadowhall and spent a bit too much on make-up and bath bombs, like you do.

I didn't intend to buy that much beauty stuff but it happened. For someone who doesn't actually wear that much make-up, I sure do like buying it. I even have a Feel Unique order on its way with even more make-up. I'll end up needing an intervention.

I also picked up the latest issue of Oh Comely. One of my favourite magazines, it's just so lovely. Really like the stories and the photography, it makes for pleasant summer afternoon reading when you want to wind down.

I wanted to include a little cross stitch thing I did last week, it's nothing extravagant but I really liked the colours and it's kind of mesmerising to look at. Plus I think it would make a really pretty pin, so I'm thinking about putting some sort of fabric on the back then attaching a brooch back to it...

I'm thinking of attempting a couple more shapes and colours soon so I might even have a little collection of rainbow brooches soon. Might even sell a couple, who knows! Or I might just keep them all for myself and cover my backpack in them. 😎

Hope you had a good weekend! I didn't do a great deal (as usual) except go shopping yesterday and do some cross stitching in bed. Living the dream.

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