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Monday, May 09, 2016

Happy Monday!

Anyone else in Britain confused by that big hot orb in the sky right now? 🌞

The UK is finally having some warm weather - I got to wear my favourite dress yesterday and I didn't even have to wear a coat or tights. My skin was grateful for the freedom.

So yesterday my mum, step-dad and I nipped into town for a couple more gardening bits. We picked up some inexpensive plant pots and tools from B&M, stopped by at my work for cake (butterscotch tart, yum) then went home to await the arrival of my brother, his girlfriend and their cute pooch. We bought him his own toy and special dog bowl so he can have a drink and a play outside when he's round. We're very accommodating. Oh, and neither me or my mum got round to doing any gardening whatsoever. Kind of typical, really.

I've started a new cross stitch project that I'm half way done with! I will post the finished result on here either tomorrow or the day after. It's floral (what's new) and quite simple, but very pretty. I'm happy with it so far. That's all I'm really doing today, I'm home alone so I'm trying to keep myself occupied in the house. I would go sit outside but the wind's picked up and it's chilly, so that's my excuse.

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