A trip to Dobbies & a new book purchase

Friday, May 06, 2016 Chesterfield, UK

I had the day off work yesterday, so my mum, my nan and I went to Dobbies Garden Centre since the weather was nice and my mum needed some more plants. We'd never been before because we always thought it was too far away, but it turns out it's approximately 20 minutes away. Actually ridiculously close.

We spent a good three hours there getting lots of flowers for the garden. I would tell you what kinds of flowers these all are but I honestly have no idea. I know the yellow and orange ones in the trolley above are Marigolds, but that's only because my mum told me(!) we also picked up some lovely lavender (for the beeeeees) and I slipped another cactus into the trolley because I'm a tiny bit obsessed.

After we'd done flower shopping, we moved inside to look at all the other bits - things like outdoor clothing, homeware, books, stationery, and cooking stuff. We quickly nipped into the aquarium on our way round to coo at the tropical fish...

My eyes lit up when I saw the clown fish. Like every human being alive, I'm always reminded of Finding Nemo when I see them. I would actually really love an aquarium, preferably a huge one so I could have loads of different fish and some cool looking coral in there. I find watching fish really therapeutic, I think it's the calming way they float around in the water.

After a long trek around the entire garden centre - seriously, we covered every square inch - we took our goodies home and had a very late lunch. I think my mum will be doing some gardening on Saturday while I'm at work, but hopefully I'll get chance to have a go myself on Sunday (if the weather stays nice 🌞).

I picked up a book while at Dobbies, it's called Village Buildings of Britain by Matthew Rice. It's a stunning illustrated book that shows all the different kinds of British architecture over the years.

I love history and old architecture so this was a really great find for me. It was discounted from £9.99 to £3.99 too so my bank balance was very thankful for that.

So that was what I was up to yesterday. I have to admit, the heat and sun really caught me off guard and I felt so lethargic when I got home. I suppose that's what you get for being pale, not wearing a high enough SPF, and not keeping yourself hydrated. 😅

I mean, I can't even believe it was snowing last week and now I'm having to wear sunscreen on my face.

P.S. I also bought some cute bamboo socks and an orchid and mimosa scented candle (I know right) but I didn't include any photos, sorry!

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a day you had! Tropical fish are lovely creatures, aren't they?


    1. I never had much of an interest in fish until yesterday and I've never seen tropical fish up close before, so it was such a treat. I'd really love some now!


  2. Omg we bought a tank to help with sleeping at night and it does make a difference. X

    1. Really? I'd legit love some fish now, even just one or two in a little tank or bowl but I'm not sure how the cat would react... she'd probably think they were her lunch.

  3. Replies
    1. It's a beautiful book, really pleased I found it!



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