50 things that make me happy

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In an attempt to be more positive in life, I've put together a list of 50 things that make me happy. If you have similar lists on your blog, feel free to drop the link in the comments below and I'll take a look! So here goes...

1. My family
2. Cats
3. My bed
4. Sightseeing
5. Sunshine
6. Making a cocoon out of blankets when it's cold
7. Burgers cooked medium rare and dripping in American cheese
8. New make-up products
9. Hot bubble baths
10. The Peak District and its phenomenal views

11. Dark chocolate
12. My friends
13. Playing my music loud when I'm home alone
14. Taking pictures with my film camera
15. Garden centres
16. That new book smell
17. Exploring castles
18. Blossom
19. Peace and quiet
20. Perfectly cooked pasta

21. The Disney Store
22. Writing
23. Going to the cinema
24. Waking up to snow outside
25. Barbecues
26. Fleece lined hoodies
27. Patterned socks
28. Baked potatoes smothered in mild cheese and salted butter
29. Trips to IKEA
30. Breakfast

31. Putting my feet up after a long day at work
32. Snapchatting ugly selfies to my friends
33. Warm cheese scones
34. Kawaii stationery
35. Victoria sponge cake
36. Scented candles
37. Christmas morning
38. Train journeys
39. Cross stitching
40. The sunrise

41. Wrapping myself in towels that have just come out of the dryer
42. Being inside when it's raining out
43. Forget-me-nots
44. Pepperoni pizza
45. Digging through clothing rails in charity shops
46. Cocio chocolate milk
47. Watching reruns of Friends on Comedy Central
48. Being at the seaside
49. Hugs
50. Fresh clean bedding

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