My forever jewellery

Sunday, May 29, 2016

After reading the blog post 'Forever' Jewellery by Me & Orla, I felt inspired to make a response post about my own jewellery pieces that are special to me.

This ring was handed down to me by my mum. It fits me perfectly and is the only touch of yellow gold (apart from the bracelet below) that I like to wear. I don't know much about this ring, but I remember my mum wearing it all the time when I was young. I like the shape and the subtle sparkle it has, and I love that it reminds me of my mum when I wear it.

From unknown.

This yellow and white gold bracelet was a gift from my dad and step-mum for my 21st birthday. They surprised me in Edinburgh on the night of my birthday and I'll never forget it, I'll never be happier than I was in that moment, nothing can top it. I can't even leave the house without this bracelet on my wrist, it just feels wrong. It's practically welded to my skin at this point.

From Goldsmiths.

This necklace was a Christmas present from my nan a fair few years ago. It's very classy and elegant. I tend to wear this to weddings and evening 'dos mostly as it gives that little bit of refinement to an outfit. I love the teardrop pearl in this necklace, never seen anything like it before which makes me love it more. I always think this necklace looks like it should belong in a royal's jewellery box.

From M&S.

I'm not sure what my jewellery says about me, perhaps that I'm both bold and understated? A mix of traditional and modern? Classic and quirky? I like jewellery that has meaning - most of my necklaces and bracelets have been gifts from my lovely friends and family - so I think essentially my jewellery says that I'm a bit sentimental and also not fond of buying myself jewellery.

Courtesy to Sarah Tasker over on Me & Orla for the inspiration.

Let's have a catch up

Feels like I haven't made a life update post in ages (it was almost a fortnight ago?!). This week I've been at work every day since Tuesday and although I don't work long hours, I get home and my brain automatically goes into hibernation and my bed draws me in. I'm pleased though because I have today and tomorrow off, though I'm not sure what to do with my bank holiday. I thought about going shopping since I got paid on Friday (🎉) but I'm expecting Meadowhall to be a hell scape, so perhaps not...

I attended a work colleague's wedding reception on Friday which I really enjoyed, I got to dress up all nice for the first time in forever. I bought a new top from Peacocks to wear and I got to put my latest NYX purchases to the test. Really impressed with the staying power of their matte lip creams. I wore shade Stockholm on Friday and I even straightened my hair for the night which I rarely do anymore (because I'm hella lazy).

Apart from being a busy bee at work, I've not done much else in the last 12 days, unfortunately. Hope you all have a fun bank holiday weekend, I hope mine isn't a complete flop! Might just suck it up and go to Meadowhall anyway. I'm sure you'll be able to follow my hellish journey via Twitter.

It's OK to give up on your dreams

Friday, May 27, 2016

Don't let the title of this post put you off - from personal experience, I've learned it's 100% OK to 'give up' on your dreams if it means to be happier and healthier.

The dream:
So, my dream was to go to university, get better at writing, meet loads of like-minded people, and hopefully leave with a degree and some experience that will help me in my dream career of being an author. It didn't take me long into my degree to realise that I don't need a piece of paper to become an author, I just needed to write and get myself out there. I didn't need to be in debt to do that. Yes, university does help in some cases, but it depends entirely on who you are and what career you want.

For me, it was a no-brainer - I wanted to leave, I didn't see myself getting anywhere with a Creative Writing degree (which was what I felt, these opinions are completely my own) so I left. Writing has always been a hobby for me, and pursuing it as a career kind of killed that love I had for it all those years. What I got from 5 months at university is that studying and analysing your hobby can really ruin it for you, so watch out for that. Sometimes hobbies do develop into careers, which is wonderful, but that doesn't work for everyone. I think to find out whether it's right for you or not you have to take that leap and give it a go. I would have kicked myself forever if I hadn't have gone to university and tried it out, but I'm also glad that I had that gut feeling telling me it wasn't right.

Why I gave up:
So there were a couple of reasons why I dropped out - one I have already mentioned above - but the main reason I left was because I was depressed. I don't want to say too much about this because it's difficult to explain and put into words, but I was at a really low point. I knew a couple of months in that carrying on would make me feel much worse and dropping out was certain. In a way this was good because I got a very clear answer (it took some time, but I got there eventually). I was able to leave and feel OK about it.

I did give up, yeah. I'm not sad about it and I don't regret it. I gave up completely. I don't think giving up should have such a negative connotation. Everyone will give up on something at least once in their life. Not everyone has the mindset or strength to push through everything life throws at them. Sometimes giving up on something will make you feel like a weight's been lifted from your shoulders. Other times you might feel hopeless and disheartened but you'll always recover from those feelings. In time everything feels OK again. You'll get on a new path and wonder why you spent so much time thinking about the old path.

If the reason for giving up is because of your health, never regret it. I am so happy I put my health first. Starting on antidepressants when I came home was a decision I should have made years ago, but it's better late than never, and I'm so glad I'm putting myself first instead of pushing through something that was making me incredibly miserable. What's the point in that?

Now I'm working, earning some cash, living at home, seeing friends, finding new hobbies, and trying to be happier. I am happier, definitely. I can't imagine how much worse I would have felt if I'd have stuck university out. In fact, I can't imagine myself there at all anymore. When I think back to it, it just seems like a weird dream. Thankfully I did make some great friends who I still keep in touch with, god knows they were the only people helping me get through it all (besides my family, of course).

I will always be able to write, whether it's in a month's time or twenty years' time, it's something I will always be able to return to. On social media I still refer to myself as a writer despite not writing for a fair few months now. Does that matter? Not really. I might not write again until I'm 90, but I'm still a writer. I might have given up on university and a Creative Writing degree, but I definitely had more important things to think about.

Giving up shouldn't be so bad. There's so much pressure on pursuing your dreams no matter what and that's not fair. Life doesn't always go smoothly and sometimes other things in your life will take priority, which is OK. On the other hand, if you give up something simply because you want to, that's OK too. There doesn't even have to be a reason! So long as it makes you happy, it should never matter why.

My Great British wanderlist

Friday, May 20, 2016

Say hello to my wanderlist - a wanderlust-fuelled list of places I would really love to visit in Britain. Let's dive straight in...

Via: Wikimedia Commons
1. Stonehenge, Wiltshire
Stonehenge has been at the top of my list for years now. Always wanted to see the place for myself as I (like many others) have see it hundreds of times on TV. I find this place really wonderful and fascinating, so despite this 'wanderlist' not being in any particular order, I had to put Stonehenge at number 1.

Via: Wikipedia
2. Beachy Head, East Sussex
I love being near the sea, so Beachy Head in East Sussex is my ultimate dream. I'd love to sit at the very top, look out over the ocean for hours and do nothing else. Can't think of anything more relaxing.

Via: Wikimedia Commons
3. Corfe Castle, Dorset
Castles are my favourite thing to explore. I've seen so many photographs of Corfe Castle surrounded by fog and lit up by the sun and it looks like such a magical place.

Via: Wikipedia
4. Bibury, Gloucestershire 
This quaint English fairytale village looks like heaven on earth for me.

Via: Elliott Brown on Flickr
5. Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire 
I've been dying to visit Shakespeare's hometown for years. I'd have to see a performance by the RSC while I was there, too. It'd be rude not to.

Via: Wikimedia Commons
6. Tintagel Castle, Cornwall
Tintagel Castle is in a phenomenal location sitting on top of a huge hill overlooking the ocean. Tintagel looks like it has some ridiculously good views and I am all about that.

Via: Public Domain Pictures
7. Brighton, East Sussex
Thanks to Zoella, I am desperate to visit Brighton. It looks so colourful and fun and energetic.

Via: Wikimedia Commons
8. Whitby, North Yorkshire
When I lived in York it was so easy for me to visit Whitby but I never did, whereas now I live even further away, I really want to go. I just need, neeeeed to eat Whitby scampi in Whitby.

Via: Wikimedia Commons
9. Hadrian's Wall
Like many other places on this list, Hadrian's Wall has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Obviously it's a little difficult to cover the whole thing (it is 84 miles long, after all) but I'd love to get to see even a teeny part of it.

Via: Wikipedia
10. Dartmoor, Devon
Dartmoor has some mega views. You only have to Google Image search 'Dartmoor' and your brain will implode with how beautiful it is.

Irritatingly, 90% of these places are really far from where I live, BUT, I'm still committed to crossing them all off my wanderlist, even if it's a slow process.

Feel free to share your wanderlists with me below!

The AM & PM routine tag!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I was doing a little Bloglovin' browsing the other day when I came across this interesting tag over on The Makeup Directory and felt like giving it a go.


1. What is your morning beauty routine?
I usually wash my face the night before then use the B. Pure micellar water when I wake up to just wipe away any excess oil. I then put on a light coating of Superdrug's Vitamin E moisturising cream.

2. What's for breakfast?
Usually cereal because it's quick and easy. If I have work or I'm off out for the day, I'll eat something decent and relatively healthy like Bran Flakes or Weetabix, but if not I'll grab whatever I fancy whether it's healthy or not, usually chocolate flavoured cereal or a bagel.

3. Coffee or tea?
Neither! I've worked in coffee shops since I was 19 but I'm not a coffee drinker at all, can't stand the stuff. The smell I can live with, but nah I'm more of an orange juice/iced water kinda gal.

4. How long does it take you to get out the door?
Not long, if I'm getting ready for work or to nip out for an hour it takes me about 15 minutes but that's because I hardly wear any make-up and I usually have an outfit ready. When I'm off work I'll put a bit more effort into my make-up and clothing and play around with my look more. But yeah, most days I can pretty much roll out of bed and leave the house straight up, no hassle.

5. What is your go to makeup look on a fuss-free morning?
Primer, concealer, blush, eyebrows pencil, and lip balm. I only occasionally wear highlighter and mascara, and I only wear lipstick/gloss when I'm not working.

1. What is your evening beauty routine?
I wash my face with Superdrug's Vitamin E hot cloth cleanser then moisturise with the night cream. If I have any dry skin patches or dry spots on my face I'll apply some Weleda Skin Food for intense moisture. It's quite heavy so I prefer to put it on at night.

2. Snack time! What’s in the bowl?
I'm obsessed with Lotus Biscoff biscuits and Yeo Valley yoghurts for kids because they don't have bits in them and they actually taste like real fruit and not flavourings. So I'm eating a lot of those recently. I also really like Onken vanilla yoghurt and Galaxy Counters if I'm in a chocolate mood.

3. How do you wind down and prep for bed?
If I haven't already, I usually have a bath then get into some clean pyjamas. The heat from the bath puts me in sleep mode, especially if I've used a nice scented bath bomb. I'm a heavy sleeper so getting to sleep is never a problem, even if I've been staring at a computer all night. Once I'm laying down and my eyes are shut that's it, I'm dead to the world. However on the rare occasion I do struggle to nod off, I put something boring on TV or put some lavender drops on my pillow.

4. Cosy up! What are you wearing to sleep?
Mismatching pyjamas or a pair of joggers and an old top. I'm not fancy in the slightest. I like to spend as little on pyjamas as possible, even though I spend 99% of my time in them. I just like to be comfy so I don't care what my pyjamas look like, so long as they fit me and are comfortable to sleep in I'm alright.

5. What are some things you must do before hitting the hay?
Check Instagram and Twitter a million times over and make sure I've taken all my tablets.

50 things that make me happy

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In an attempt to be more positive in life, I've put together a list of 50 things that make me happy. If you have similar lists on your blog, feel free to drop the link in the comments below and I'll take a look! So here goes...

1. My family
2. Cats
3. My bed
4. Sightseeing
5. Sunshine
6. Making a cocoon out of blankets when it's cold
7. Burgers cooked medium rare and dripping in American cheese
8. New make-up products
9. Hot bubble baths
10. The Peak District and its phenomenal views

11. Dark chocolate
12. My friends
13. Playing my music loud when I'm home alone
14. Taking pictures with my film camera
15. Garden centres
16. That new book smell
17. Exploring castles
18. Blossom
19. Peace and quiet
20. Perfectly cooked pasta

21. The Disney Store
22. Writing
23. Going to the cinema
24. Waking up to snow outside
25. Barbecues
26. Fleece lined hoodies
27. Patterned socks
28. Baked potatoes smothered in mild cheese and salted butter
29. Trips to IKEA
30. Breakfast

31. Putting my feet up after a long day at work
32. Snapchatting ugly selfies to my friends
33. Warm cheese scones
34. Kawaii stationery
35. Victoria sponge cake
36. Scented candles
37. Christmas morning
38. Train journeys
39. Cross stitching
40. The sunrise

41. Wrapping myself in towels that have just come out of the dryer
42. Being inside when it's raining out
43. Forget-me-nots
44. Pepperoni pizza
45. Digging through clothing rails in charity shops
46. Cocio chocolate milk
47. Watching reruns of Friends on Comedy Central
48. Being at the seaside
49. Hugs
50. Fresh clean bedding

Health and beauty haul & colourful cross stitch patterns

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I may have gone on a teeny cosmetics splurge yesterday. I had the day to myself so I went to Meadowhall and spent a bit too much on make-up and bath bombs, like you do.

I didn't intend to buy that much beauty stuff but it happened. For someone who doesn't actually wear that much make-up, I sure do like buying it. I even have a Feel Unique order on its way with even more make-up. I'll end up needing an intervention.

I also picked up the latest issue of Oh Comely. One of my favourite magazines, it's just so lovely. Really like the stories and the photography, it makes for pleasant summer afternoon reading when you want to wind down.

I wanted to include a little cross stitch thing I did last week, it's nothing extravagant but I really liked the colours and it's kind of mesmerising to look at. Plus I think it would make a really pretty pin, so I'm thinking about putting some sort of fabric on the back then attaching a brooch back to it...

I'm thinking of attempting a couple more shapes and colours soon so I might even have a little collection of rainbow brooches soon. Might even sell a couple, who knows! Or I might just keep them all for myself and cover my backpack in them. 😎

Hope you had a good weekend! I didn't do a great deal (as usual) except go shopping yesterday and do some cross stitching in bed. Living the dream.

TV shows I'm loving right now

Sunday, May 15, 2016

In no particular order, here are the best shows on TV right now (in my own opinion):

1. Game of Thrones - 18+
Game of Thrones is my favourite show by far. I'm a tad obsessed, and I've been trying to tackle the books too but I've only managed to read A Game of Thrones so far - I put A Clash of Kings on hold when I went to uni and haven't picked it up since, whoops. I spend far too much time trawling through the ASoIaF forums and I am utterly in love with the world building, character development, and history that George R. R. Martin has created. This show is pretty much my life. Never get me talking about Game of Thrones because I will never shut up.

Recommended for: Fans of the fantasy and medieval genre, dragons, and general badassery. Make note that the show is definitely not for young 'uns or the faint hearted. Lots of gore, sex, violence, bad language, and basically everything horrific you can think of.

2. Brooklyn Nine Nine - 14+
B99 is the show that never fails to cheer me up. It's a little bit like Friends because I can watch every episode 400 times over and it's still funny and it's still entertaining. It's a shame the episodes are so short because I want a million hours of this show to stream directly to my TV. You can even watch B99 season 1 and 2 on Netflix right now, which is what I suggest you do right this second if you want plenty of laughs and to fall in love with some of the best characters on TV.

Recommended for: Fans of slapstick comedy, Andy Samberg, and cop shows. OK for teens.

3. Jane the Virgin - 15+
Jane the Virgin is light, funny, intriguing, loveable, emotional, and just plain awesome. I may have developed a massive obsession with Gina Rodriguez thanks to this show. She is probably one of the most energetic actors I've ever seen on screen, she exudes charisma and passion and I adore everything about her. I aspire to be like Gina Rodriguez every day of my life. But yeah, JtV is one hell of a ride. I couldn't even begin to explain the show to you so I suggest you give the premise a read and watch it because you'll fall in love immediately. There's literally nothing to dislike about this show.

Recommended for: Fans of dramadies, soap operas, and complex plots. This show strikes the perfect balance between being both character- and plot-driven. Worth a watch.

4. The Hollow Crown - 12+
The first series of The Hollow Crown was incredible, and not just because of Tom Hiddleston (I mean, it sure helped). I enjoy Shakespeare, especially visually. People always say Shakespeare shouldn't be read it should be performed, and I agree. It's a million times more captivating when it's acted. This BBC show is beautifully shot, cast, and edited, and I think even if you're not a lover of Shakespeare, this show is worth a watch just for the performances.

Recommended for: Fans of Shakespeare (obvs), history, and theatre. It can be violent and gory, and although the series 1 DVD box has the 12 certificate, I'd suggest maybe 14+.

5. Peaky Blinders - 18+
Peaky Blinders is one of those shows I have to be in a certain mood to watch. It's gritty, violent, and requires every ounce of your attention otherwise you'll most certainly miss something important. I'm really into it at the moment, I missed the Shelby family a lot. This show may also have the best soundtrack out of all of my picks - lots of Arctic Monkeys, The White Stripes, and Nick Cave. Guitar-heavy rock tunes set to a murky Birmingham setting is a match made in heaven.

Recommended for: Fans of the crime genre and early 20th century dramas.

All certifications, except for The Hollow Crown, were taken from Common Sense Media.

Stitching unicorns & free stuff!

Friday, May 13, 2016

My ma and I went shopping yesterday, and probably the most amazing thing happened.

I went into Superdrug to pick up a Real Techniques blush brush and some Good Things bath soak. I go to the till, and surprise... I got my basket for free!

Superdrug are celebrating 5 years of their Health & Beauty card, and because I have one, I was entered into the chance of getting my shop for free, and I did! I was chuffed to bits. Make sure if you're a regular visitor to Superdrug to get a H&B card!!! They are so worth it, and no offence to Boots, but I like Superdrug's card better. Members get free delivery online, member only deals (like 10% off etc.), and generally save more money. I love it, it's my favourite card in my purse (besides my debit card, obvs).

When I got home, I started on a new cross stitch venture. I wanted to make a unicorn for my friend who is obsessed - she saw my other designs on Instagram and said I should have a go, so I found a simple unicorn pattern on Google and began. I finished it off with a couple of sparkles and voila!

I really love how this turned out! It's not a defined design which I like - I could have done an outline but I thought it would look better without one since the colours are soft and I thought black would make it look hard. I ordered a little frame for it off eBay too so I can't wait for that to arrive. I finished this in about three hours. I'm now working on something for my mum since she asked me ages ago to do something for her and I kept forgetting. Picked some nice pastels again since I seem to have an abundance of them in my tin.

Thursday turned out to be a pretty fun day. I bought the a cute backpack, got some free stuff, finished yet another cross stitch project, had a jacket potato for my tea (yas) and watched Brooklyn Nine Nine in bed.

Advice on decluttering and creating a space you love

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

There have been 101 posts on decluttering in the blogosphere recently, but I thought I'd make a post about it anyway because it's something I really enjoy doing and I feel like most blog posts I've read regarding decluttering are pretty vague. I'd like to go into a bit more depth, and I'd also like to give a bit of reassurance to those who struggle with it because decluttering isn't always easy and minimalism isn't always easy to maintain. For me, creating a home or a space you love is more important.

1. Let's begin with Marie Kondo. 👩🏻
Her book is wonderful and insanely helpful, but it isn't a strict set of rules, let me just get that out there. One of her pieces of advice is "if it doesn't spark joy, get rid of it" which can seem a bit brutal right off the bat. I read it and thought "yeah, I can do that!" but it turns out it's harder than it sounds. There'll be a vase you love so much you can't get rid of even though you don't have a space for it, or a souvenir that you bought somewhere really special that you can't bring yourself to donate even though it's collecting dust, etc. etc. I think that's OK, there will always be some things you own that have no purpose whatsoever but mean a lot to you anyway.

I would suggest reading Marie Kondo's book, it is motivating as hell but I would bear in mind that some of her advice is quite harsh (I think that's the point, though) and you don't have to do everything she suggests if you don't think it will work for you or your space. If you find stuff around your home you feel you can get rid of, replace that item with an item you do want. You'll feel happier in a space where you're surrounded by things you like to look at, even if your room is still "cluttered", it's cluttered with things you love and that's the main thing.

2. Try reinventing some of your old things. 🖌
Some stuff you'll own will be tired, dusty, worn out etc., but most of the time if you give it a little TLC, it'll come back to life. Little jugs, mugs, plant pots and empty candle jars can make for nice trinket boxes, pen pots, and vases. They might need a good clean or a lick of paint but they can be repurposed into other things. If it's something you've grown out of or simply don't like anymore, feel free to donate it or give it to someone who'll appreciate it. If I have something in my room I don't need or want anymore, my mum will most likely always find a use for it, but sometimes you'll find there are things that just need to go.

3. Storage is a godsend. 🗃
Letting go of your things isn't always easy, so if there's any way you can simply put your things in boxes, baskets, crates, on shelves, under your bed, or in cupboards to minimise clutter, you might not have to get rid of so much. Sometimes homes can look cluttered because everything's on show, and that can make a space look fuller than it actually is.

If you struggle to find space for storage, try reorganising the room. Even in the smallest of homes, there'll be some space for a box or two, or a little bookshelf. Your books will look a lot neater on a shelf than piled up on the floor and your toiletries will look more organised in pretty baskets than overflowing in your bathroom window.

4. Check Pinterest often. 📌
Pinterest is one of my favourite websites for inspiration around the home. It's genius for decluttering tips, diagrams, and challenges (if you want to make decluttering that little more fun). You'll also find pictures of creative storage ideas, some of them so outside the box you'll wonder why you never thought of it before. If you want to be more ruthless when decluttering, you'll find plenty of 'golden rules' and checklists to have by your side so you stay on track when tackling your space.

You can also find inspiration on there - some things that keep me motivated are my home boards where I pin pictures of gorgeous home interiors, which are usually very tidy, put together, and clean. If I'm ever in a decluttering or tidying rut, I check Pinterest and look for some ideas on how I can inject a bit more pizazz into my room.

5. If all else fails, just own it. ✊
Decluttering won't work for everyone. Some people are more attached to things than others and may not like the idea of chucking so much away, especially if you're sentimental, so just work with it. Organised clutter is a thing now, so if you find that no matter what you do you still have a lot of belongings, make it work - like I said in my third point, storage is your best friend, and a decent sized bookshelf can house pretty much anything, whether it's books, trophies, vases, DVDs, candles, framed pictures, toys, artwork... the list goes on.

Try making your clutter look nice if that makes you feel better in your space. I've heard many people say minimalism makes their home feel empty and cold, so everyone is different. I like minimalism but I always find myself wondering where people actually store their things. I love to declutter don't get me wrong, but I still have a lot of stuff. I've been on earth for 22 years, I've accumulated a lot in life already.

People will always say "be ruthless" when it comes to clearing out your home but I know that doesn't work for everyone. So long as you have motivation to actually start decluttering your home and you keep it up regularly, you'll be fine. If one day you only manage to do one room, that's fine. If you only manage to find five or six items to donate in your house, that's fine too. Decluttering isn't life or death, it's simply there to help you create a freer, lighter space if that's something you want to achieve.

Good luck!

Cross stitch tulips!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

This is my fourth cross stitch 'project' - thought I'd do something simple this time because I haven't been stitching for a few weeks and wanted to ease myself back in. I used this as a loose template for the first tulip then copied the design over for the other two. I was thinking about adding more flowers but I like things in threes, so I think I'll leave it as it is for the time being.

I used 14 point Aida cloth and two different needles - I used a thicker needle for one half of the design, a needle I got with the mini Mouseloft cross stitch kits from Hobbycraft (to be honest the needle is far too thick for 14 point cloth but shh) and then a thinner needle for the other half (because I suddenly remembered I had a case of thin needles at the bottom of my sewing tin). The thinner needle worked way better so I'll be sticking to that one from now on. I also used a mix of Anchor and Duchess embroidery thread bought from my local market and Boyes.

I'm thinking about buying some muslin or linen fabric to try out some embroidery on because I'm dying to do something a little more freehand.

British sunshine & lazy gardeners

Monday, May 09, 2016

Happy Monday!

Anyone else in Britain confused by that big hot orb in the sky right now? 🌞

The UK is finally having some warm weather - I got to wear my favourite dress yesterday and I didn't even have to wear a coat or tights. My skin was grateful for the freedom.

So yesterday my mum, step-dad and I nipped into town for a couple more gardening bits. We picked up some inexpensive plant pots and tools from B&M, stopped by at my work for cake (butterscotch tart, yum) then went home to await the arrival of my brother, his girlfriend and their cute pooch. We bought him his own toy and special dog bowl so he can have a drink and a play outside when he's round. We're very accommodating. Oh, and neither me or my mum got round to doing any gardening whatsoever. Kind of typical, really.

I've started a new cross stitch project that I'm half way done with! I will post the finished result on here either tomorrow or the day after. It's floral (what's new) and quite simple, but very pretty. I'm happy with it so far. That's all I'm really doing today, I'm home alone so I'm trying to keep myself occupied in the house. I would go sit outside but the wind's picked up and it's chilly, so that's my excuse.

A trip to Dobbies & a new book purchase

Friday, May 06, 2016

I had the day off work yesterday, so my mum, my nan and I went to Dobbies Garden Centre since the weather was nice and my mum needed some more plants. We'd never been before because we always thought it was too far away, but it turns out it's approximately 20 minutes away. Actually ridiculously close.

We spent a good three hours there getting lots of flowers for the garden. I would tell you what kinds of flowers these all are but I honestly have no idea. I know the yellow and orange ones in the trolley above are Marigolds, but that's only because my mum told me(!) we also picked up some lovely lavender (for the beeeeees) and I slipped another cactus into the trolley because I'm a tiny bit obsessed.

After we'd done flower shopping, we moved inside to look at all the other bits - things like outdoor clothing, homeware, books, stationery, and cooking stuff. We quickly nipped into the aquarium on our way round to coo at the tropical fish...

My eyes lit up when I saw the clown fish. Like every human being alive, I'm always reminded of Finding Nemo when I see them. I would actually really love an aquarium, preferably a huge one so I could have loads of different fish and some cool looking coral in there. I find watching fish really therapeutic, I think it's the calming way they float around in the water.

After a long trek around the entire garden centre - seriously, we covered every square inch - we took our goodies home and had a very late lunch. I think my mum will be doing some gardening on Saturday while I'm at work, but hopefully I'll get chance to have a go myself on Sunday (if the weather stays nice 🌞).

I picked up a book while at Dobbies, it's called Village Buildings of Britain by Matthew Rice. It's a stunning illustrated book that shows all the different kinds of British architecture over the years.

I love history and old architecture so this was a really great find for me. It was discounted from £9.99 to £3.99 too so my bank balance was very thankful for that.

So that was what I was up to yesterday. I have to admit, the heat and sun really caught me off guard and I felt so lethargic when I got home. I suppose that's what you get for being pale, not wearing a high enough SPF, and not keeping yourself hydrated. 😅

I mean, I can't even believe it was snowing last week and now I'm having to wear sunscreen on my face.

P.S. I also bought some cute bamboo socks and an orchid and mimosa scented candle (I know right) but I didn't include any photos, sorry!

Showcase: bee and insect habitats

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Now Spring is here (and kind of on its way out), I've been looking at nice things I can spruce up the garden with when we start spending a little more time outside (come on, sun). I'm hoping to delve into gardening this year because I've always fancied the idea of it, so for the last few weeks I've been on the hunt for some quirky pots and containers (basically anything that will house a plant) and it turns out charity shops are my new best friend.

I really want a bee and insect hotel/house/habitat in the garden, and I've found a couple of cute ones online. I especially love the Andrew James and Matalan ones, the colours are lovely. I just think one would look really sweet on our patio, not sure where it would sit or hang but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Take a look at my selection below.

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