Aesthetically pleasing interiors & Minster views in York

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
York, UK

Ma and I headed to York bright and early this morning - the trip was mostly so I could go and pick up a few bits and bobs from my old uni flat before the summer, but we also fitted in some shopping. 😉

The photo above was taken from the top floor of M&S while my mum and I were eating lunch. I had the most incredible cheese and ham toastie and dipped it in ketchup which I think it my new fave thing. Honestly, those toasties are to die for, no exaggeration.

So today I picked up the most gorgeous dress from Fat Face, a striped shirt dress from Zara, the Therapy massage bar from Lush, the new Star Wars film on DVD, and some Weleda Skin Food. Quite a decent little haul.

We visited the Jack Wills store because their interiors are always so on point:

This Jack Wills store is in one of the most badass buildings in York - it doesn't look like much from the outside but once you go in it's like stepping back in time (and stepping into a Tardis). The shop is on Stonegate and is very impressive inside, I really loved the props they used on the shop floor, especially the old bathtub in front of the fireplace with a mannequin sat inside (which I didn't take a picture of, soz). While I wasn't gawping at the decor I did see lots of nice summer dresses with cute rounded collars. Really into those right now.

We also stumbled into Oliver Bonas across the street because their colourful window displays always draw me in.

Oliver Bonas is another store that has an awesome interior. This building is crazy to walk around, it's really high up and kind of slants so it makes you feel a bit tipsy. I love the original features and the exposed floorboards, it really adds to the aesthetic.

It was a tiring day, plus the weather was really warm (didn't have to wear any layers, I'm amazed) so I may have caught the sun a tad. Which would explain this lethargy. 💤

That was my fun Wednesday! It was nice to visit York as a "tourist" and get to wander around at my own pace. I don't miss being a student there, not going to lie. I visited my uni flat and it didn't feel right at all, it felt so surreal to be there. Anyway, hope you have a lovely day and if it's sunny and warm where you are, I hope you can get outside and make the most of it.

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