Cross stitching & even more shopping

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Ta-da! I finished my second cross stitch project yesterday, it took me two days to complete. I hardly put it down - when you're on a roll it's hard to stop! With this one I did the cross stitching before the outline so this one looks so much neater. I'm really proud of it. My mum is on the hunt for a multi photo frame to put all my cross stitchings in so we can have them on show. ☺️

I did a little shop on Friday (good job I've got a job now because I am running out of money big time) and picked up some bits from H&M and Primark. I'm so excited for summer because I've been stocking up on cute t-shirts and cardigans for the past two months but it hasn't been warm enough to wear them yet without wearing a massive coat on top.

I start my new job on Tuesday but I will still try and make time to blog regularly so my blog doesn't become too sparse.

Hope you all have a fun Sunday!

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