Cobbled streets & weird sweet shop clowns in Lincoln

Saturday, April 09, 2016
Lincoln, UK

We decided to pop over to Lincoln for the day today. I haven't been for ages so my step-dad suggested we go and have a mosey. It's a lovely city with one of my favourite shops ever (Yak on The Strait 😍) and obviously has the spectacular Lincoln Cathedral and castle at the top of Steep Hill that are 100% worth the exhausting trek.

I picked up some more Fat Face socks (actually addicted I think) and was kindly bought some matte lip gloss by Revlon (chose the shade Seduction) and a vintage Fred Perry polo shirt(!)

Checked out Jack Wills for the first time (really cute stuff but woah so expensive) and the brand new White Stuff store which I love - I find it can be a little mature for me style-wise but the clothes are always so colourful and quirky and they make me really excited for summer.

Apologies for the clown (I know a lot of people find them creepy!), but I had to take a picture of the window display in Goodies. I love the vintage/traditional vibe this sweet shop has, and the next time I go in I'll have to take an interior shot because the inside is magical. It's a teeny tiny shop with wooden beams and exposed floorboards and there are candy canes hanging from the ceiling and displays crammed with old fashioned chocolate. It's very quaint.

(Also hi me in the reflection!)

After a long day traipsing around we went back home to visit my brother (and his dog, of course) and then stuffed our faces with burgers.


  1. I've never been to Lincoln. It looks cute though! Although, I don't think I would want to trek up that hill ;)

    1. The cathedral and castle are totally worth the trek but yeah it's quite strenuous haha, definitely have to be wearing appropriate footwear because of the cobbles!



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