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Friday, April 15, 2016

Ma and I went on a shopping trip to Chesterfield today. First we stopped off at the Peacock Coffee Lounge (pictured above) for lunch and had a scone each then proceeded to spend some pennies, because why the heck not? It's Friday so it's OK.

I bagged some more make-up (like I don't own enough of it already), a hooded jacket, socks, two phone cases, a short sleeved cardigan, and a little bottle of New Look perfume. Think I did quite well!

We then visited Hobbycraft because my mum was making a very important purchase - a brand new sewing machine. It was a very big deal. Her old one was 30+ years old(!) so we had an emotional funeral for it outside (we chucked it in the skip). After that we stopped by Pets at Home and picked some food up for the cat (as well as a crinkly tunnel because we spoil her rotten) and no trip to Pets at Home is complete without...

Cute bunnies! 🐰

Excuse the poop droppings and damp sawdust...

That second bunny was actually the tiniest and sweetest thing I've ever seen, just curled up in a little ball having a nap. We also saw some chinchillas running around a wheel which would genuinely keep me entertained for hours. Why watch TV when you can watch your pets?

The other day I mentioned very briefly that I'd had a job interview. That interview went very well and I was invited to do two trial shifts to see how I got on. Well, I got the job! It's a barista role in a cafe in my local library so I'm excited to put my barista skills to use again. Really pleased with myself! So that's happening soon. I start at the end-ish of April and will be working part-time, so still time for me to fit in some blogging, just probably not as often as I do at the moment. And although the job is 9 months maternity cover there is a possibility I could be offered a permanent position at the end, so lets see what happens!

Hope you're all having a wonderful Friday.

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