Top 3 favourite movies of all time

Monday, March 07, 2016

1. The Royal Tenenbaums - 2001 - dir. Wes Anderson
I discovered Wes Anderson through watching Fantastic Mr Fox at the cinema in 2009. The aesthetic got me hooked so I ventured into his past films and discovered this gem. TRT is now my favourite movie ever and has been since the first day I watched it. I even went to see it at the Sheffield Showroom two years ago for my birthday. TRT is slick, funny, weird, and totally gorgeous. I'm obsessed with Anderson's use of frame and colour in all of his movies, but more so in this one.

2. Marie Antoinette - 2006 - dir. Sofia Coppola
Again with the aesthetic, Marie Antoinette is sweet, pink, frothy, and romantic. The score is downright flawless (it features Bow Wow Wow, Adam Ant, New Order, and Aphex Twin) and I love the outrageous costumes - bright, bold, and theatrical. Nothing grabs my attention like an aesthetically pleasing film with a smashing soundtrack. MA makes me want to drink champagne at dusk in the gardens of Versailles in a sugary pink dress.

3. Pride & Prejudice - 2005 - dir. Joe WrightYet another aesthetically pleasing film (what a surprise) - P&P is astoundingly beautiful. The scenery makes my heart skip a beat (Derbyshire's a stone's throw away from me, so it feels 'local' almost) and the music is quiet and angelic. Dawn is my favourite track and it's the one that opens the movie. That opening shot puts such a ridiculous grin on my face, I just know I'm in for a treat the second it starts.

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