Pretty jewellery & tiny gardening tools?

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Star ring from Pandora

My family and I had the ultimate shopping day yesterday. I was treated to two Star Wars Pop! figures (Finn and BB-8, of course), a Pandora ring as pictured above (fully aware that it looks like an engagement ring, oops), and a new shiny rose gold iPhone. It was an epic day, topped off with my brother and his girlfriend bringing their dog round for a fuss.

Today was a bit more relaxing - I've cleaned my bedroom (so much DUST) and been to see my lovely nan.

My nan owns possibly the cutest gardening tools I've ever seen - what is this tiny watering can and trowel?! It's absurd and I love it.

These photos were taken on my new iPhone 6S - I think the image quality is fantastic, I'm really loving the camera. I'm considering using full length photos more often on my blog and laying off the gazillion filters I usually use. I'm loving the A Color Story app at the moment for giving my photos a that bit more oomph and vibrance, their filters are subtle but effective.

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