Sleepy puppies & Game of Thrones

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I haven't been posting much recently because I've had a rather quiet and uneventful week. This week will pick up hopefully - my mum is off work for a few days so we have one or two adventures planned. I think we'll be heading back into the Peaks tomorrow but only if the weather's nice.

Today we visited Sainsbury's to check out their new vinyl selection - yep, Sainsbury's sell vinyl now as well as a Crosley record player. It's not a bad selection of vinyl either, they had Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Adele, The Specials, The Smiths, and a couple more. Didn't pick anything up, but I was impressed with what they had and the prices weren't bad either, they were on par with HMV. I hope the vinyl does well because I'd love to see more of it around in bigger stores, especially supermarkets where it's more accessible.

While meandering around Sainsbury's I spotted Game of Thrones season 5 for a mere £25 and snapped it up so now I have 1-5 sitting pretty on my shelf. Planning to binge watch it in bed later. It came with some cool post cards that are exclusive to the Sainsbury's DVD so I suggest you get to Sainsbury's stat!

We also visited my nan and my brother who brought his rescue Staffie round. I love that dog, he's honestly got the cutest face I've ever seen. I took a picture of his cute little nose while he was napping at my nan's. Animal noses are my fave.

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