Spring cleaning & Blu-Tack mishaps

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

To mark the first day of Spring (which so far has been a grey and wet one), I'm having a good old Spring clean. My new mattress is arriving later so once it's here I'm going to put clean bedding on, hoover, dust, and light some candles (you're not allowed to burn candles at uni so I'm making up for lost time).

This morning I decided to decorate my wardrobe doors with all the pictures and postcards I used to have on my pin board in halls. It's an eclectic collection but I like it. I did have some of these tacked to my bedroom wall this morning but when I took them down to rearrange, the Blu-Tack was practically glued to the wall and when I took it off with a damp cloth, it took the paint off too. Lame. Good job I had some paint handy to go over the mess.

It's my birthday tomorrow (I'm 22!!!!) and I'm hoping I get my accommodation deposit back so I can spend it because I'm dying to go shopping. I'll be job hunting next week so keep your fingers crossed for me.

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