Easter Sunday!

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter all!

Anyone else been watching Thirteen on BBC Three? The finale goes live on iPlayer at noon and I can't wait. It's so good and I don't know anyone else who watches it, sob.

I've already had a Malteser Easter egg this morning but I had my Bran Flakes first so I didn't feel as guilty eating chocolate for my breakfast. We have a bag full of eggs downstairs and some Lindt bunnies so I'm expecting to feel very sick at the end of the day.

We actually managed to get to the Designer Outlet yesterday despite Maps on my phone not working for most of the journey. The weather was atrocious but it was still a great day. I had my first ever Burger King burger which was pretty good, bought a couple of t-shirts at half price from Gap, some Rimmel nail polish in a cute summery peachy red, and some cute little decorative signs with bees on (!) from Yumi. When we got home, the storm picked up big time but luckily we were indoors. It was brutal, so glad I wasn't caught in it. It's supposed to carry on today too but it's not so bad at the moment, just windy and a tad grey.

Thought I'd feature this lovely sunflower snap I took a couple of summers ago because I've not taken any decent photos recently. I blame the weather and the fact I'm lazy, ha.

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