Good Friday

Friday, March 25, 2016

Hope you all have a good Easter weekend, I don't have much planned but it is my step-dad's birthday tomorrow so I think we're riding out to the East Midlands Designer Outlet to do some bargain shopping to celebrate. Sunday I plan to stay in bed all day and eat chocolate which I expect many others will also be doing.

I didn't mention, but last week when I went to York we visited the Teddy Bear shop on Stonegate and I fell in love with the Jellycat toys they stocked, especially the bunnies. I didn't pick one up in the shop for some reason (I was trying to convince myself I didn't have the money when really I did) so the next day I ordered the small bashful hyacinth bunny because I honestly couldn't stop thinking about how cute and soft they were. Also appropriate for Easter!

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