Napping cats & DIY plans

Friday, March 11, 2016

I took a picture of Tilly sleeping on my bed last night - she looks so cute snuggled up with my Tsum Tsums.

I'm home alone today so I've spent my morning so far watching YouTube videos with the volume up high (rebellious) and reorganising my room - I've added some more books to the donation bag and unearthed my mini Tsum Tsums that have been living in a tote bag in the spare room since Feb. I have a lot (didn't even want to count them, it's too overwhelming - it's definitely 40+) but I've finally found a place to put my favourites. That's as exciting as today's going to get, unfortunately.

Tomorrow will involve a bit of DIY - going to have two shelves put up above my desk so the notebooks that have been living on my bedroom floor for three weeks will finally have a place to live.

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