Mouthwatering desserts & birthday shopping

Friday, March 04, 2016

I had a lovely birthday. Visited a Brewers Fayre pub and had my all time favourite dessert - the Oreo Cookie Pie. If you're ever in a Brewers Fayre, please order this. It's a chocolate pastry tart filled with caramel that's topped with toffee mouse, butterscotch pieces, and crumbled Oreos. It's the food of the Gods. I would have taken a picture but I didn't have the chance - the second it got to the table I'd already inhaled half of it.

I went shopping yesterday with my birthday money. Meadowhall's my nearest big shopping centre, so I hopped on the train and spent a couple of hours there. Picked up a nice khaki organic cotton t-shirt from H&M, a striped Breton from Warehouse, a pair of jeans from Dorothy Perkins, and some pretty undies from Victoria's Secret. Even treated myself to a Five Guys.

Today is going to consist of tidying, decluttering, and cleaning my bedroom because I never got round to doing it the other day. I know, exciting.

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