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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My set up in the university library (feat. Zebra Mildliners) | Cinema ticket for Star Wars: The Force Awakens | A BB-8 flash drive | Disney Pop! Vinyl figures in Norwich | Another shot of my set up in the library (different day) | Victoria's Secret Secret Charm body mist | A light dusting of snow | Clifford's Tower, York | My feet!

I have been using this Tumblr as a blog for just over a year now, but for a couple of months I've been thinking about transferring a lot of my original posts over to a more traditional blogging platform. I tend to take a lot of photos on my phone that I do post to my Tumblr but sometimes they get lost among the quotes and aesthetic posts. I thought it would be a nice idea to have a blog that I can keep updated with personal photos and occasional writing posts instead of cluttering my Tumblr.

Above are some of the photos I've taken on my phone in the last two months. Since I study in York, there's a lot of York city snaps as well as a couple from Norfolk and home.

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