A tiny barn in Gloucestershire

Wednesday, August 07, 2019

I adore this beautiful barn that sits on the edge of a wildflower meadow in Gloucestershire, complete with a babbling brook and a dozen sheep. The inside boasts an eclectic collection of furniture and decor from across the centuries to give it an age-old feel.

The barn was decorated by antique dealer and designer Christopher Howe who describes its interior as having a "pleasingly unpretentious mix of well-designed objects that bear the scuffs and bruises of a well-lived life."

I just love the rustic feel of this barn. The wooden wall and ceiling panelling, the stone slabs in the kitchen, the mismatched furniture, and the disheveled upholstery screams rural cottage charm. The fact that this barn was decorated in eight weeks and looks so well-lived in is astounding. Howe used decor and furniture he himself had been hoarding for 25 years.

Photographs © Paul Massey. Originally featured in House & Garden.

More snippets from my 2019 journal

Thursday, August 01, 2019

More journal pages!

I've just hit the middle of my notebook and it's August 1st so I think I'm doing well with spacing things out; I was concerned at first I'd fill it up too quickly and have to go into a new notebook before the year's finished. How annoying would that be?

In related news, I recently bought a Filofax Clipbook that I'm using as an agenda to keep track of appointments, work shifts, plans, finances and to-do lists. I got mine in the gorgeous shade Vista Blue.

Update on my last post - I found the perfect pen! I was having so many problems with 'fine' gel ink pens being too thick and runny (and even the best pens would still smudge), so I eventually opted for a needle-thin ballpoint pen instead by the brand OHTO. It has the tiniest nib I've ever seen and writes lovely. A ballpoint wasn't my first choice but it turns out it works just as well and I'm enjoying writing with it far more than any of my other pens. You can pick OHTO Horizon pens up at Cult Pens and they come in 8 colours.

As usual, 99% of my stickers are from Aliexpress, the music and book paper is from Siopbachfi on Etsy, and the colourful world stamps were from a vintage market. If you follow me on Instagram you may have already seen a few of these photos, sorry 'bout that.

A bright retro office

Monday, July 29, 2019

I've always adored mid-century furniture, so I wanted to include a lot of it in this colourful office. I went with blue walls with pops of yellow and orange, a vintage print on the wall, and a retro record player for a 1960s feel.

I didn't want to overwhelm the room with wood by having wooden floors too, so I opted for this chunky mottled carpet that adds interesting texture to the room and makes it feel cosy.

A clean and contemporary laundry room

Sunday, July 28, 2019

There are some rooms I like to keep neutral in the home and the utility/laundry room is one of them. They're often small spaces with little light so pale greys and whites will make the room feel more spacious and orderly. It would be easy to add bursts of colour into a room like this through artwork, rugs, towels and plants, but I kept the colours quite down to earth with a subtle splash of duck-egg blue in the towels and some greenery with the hanging plant.

I created some faux texture with the rustic brick wallpaper and put an unusual shaped mirror on the wall to add some interest.

I love rich wood tones and black together, they contrast so beautifully and give off a real industrial feel, so I opted for a stand-out walnut countertop and a black trolley that tucks underneath and can be rolled out when required.

An opulent grey kitchen

Saturday, July 27, 2019

I based this mood board around an image of a beautiful Shaker kitchen by deVOL. I love those grey cabinets with the brass hardware. I went with lots of neutral pieces but added a slight green hue with the glassware and some opulence with a brass and glass cloche pendant, a shiny stainless steel coffee machine, and a simple marble print with a matching brass frame.

Heatwave attire

Thursday, July 25, 2019

So, Britain has turned into a giant furnace and we're losing our minds. The warmth and sun is beautiful, but no air conditioning anywhere means everyone is drowning in their own sweat at all times.

If like me you have a strong love/hate relationship (mostly hate) with summer, there's not much you can do but try and deal with it in the best way possible which means, 1) floaty outfits, 2) ice cream, 3) an iced drink of your choice, and 4) a fan pointed directly at your face.

For this post I thought I'd share some ideal heatwave outfits to keep you cool. Nothing's too clingy so you'll be extra comfortable. Oh, and don't forget sunscreen. Please don't forget sunscreen!

And for those of you in the south where temperatures are hitting 38°C... godspeed.


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